Past Hydroelectric Power Projects

Featured below are hydroelectric power projects which Ted S. Sorenson (P.E. and principal of Sorenson Engineering) has completed during his career. These include the following: projects designed by Sorenson Engineering (including in-progress designs), projects owned, operated, and designed by Sorenson Engineering, and projects purchased by Mr. Ted Sorenson without design involved.

Notably, Sorenson Engineering has completed the following:

  • Total hydroelectric designs: 40 projects
  • Designs including turbine/generator and switchgear for hydroelectric: 36 projects (over a period of 29 years, with all still operating)
  • Hydroelectric power plants designed, owned, and operated by Sorenson Engineering: 11 projects
  • Hydroelectric power plants not designed, yet owned and operated by Sorenson Engineering: 1 project
  • CHEC equipment used: 16 projects
  • Gilkes equipment used: 12 projects

Click the project names in the chart below for more information, or download a PDF version of Sorenson Engineering’s project list here:¬†SORENSON ENGINEERING Projects Lists 10-27-14

Project (click for details)SizeDate BuiltNearest TownHead (ft)Flow (cfs)Penstock DiameterPenstock Length
Litlewood River Ranch II Hydro1.2 MW2015Gooding, Idaho35500N/AN/A
Shavano Hydro2.8 MW2015Montrose, Colorado18522069"1,800'
South Canal Drop 4 Hydro4.8 MW2015Montrose, Colorado74840120"1,400'
Eight Mile Hydro350 KW2014Leadore, Idaho3332124"15,000'
Ridgway Dam Hydro8.0 MW2014Montrose, Colorado150440; 60 72"110'
St. Anthony Hydro 1700 KW2014St. Anthony, Idaho14150X4N/AN/A
Fargo Hydro1.1 MW2013Homedale, Idaho140; 81 75; 40 48"1,600'
South Canal Drop 1 Hydro3.8 MW2013Montrose, Colorado541000132"1,100'
South Canal Drop 3 Hydro3.4 MW2013Montrose, Colorado491000132"300'
C-Drop Hydro 11.1 MW2012Klamath Falls, Oregon23700N/AN/A
Lower Turnbull Hydro 17.8 MW2011Fairfield, Montana150700108"2,200'
Upper Turnbull Hydro 15.7 MW2011Fairfield, Montana100700108"1,000'
Arena Drop Hydro500 KW2010Parma, Idaho7610048"450'
Arrowrock Dam Hydro20 MW2010Boise, Idaho150150096"150', 150'
Pancheri Hydro 1290 KW2010Howe, Idaho503920"10,000'
Belize Hydro 13.4 MW2007Punta Gorda, Belize120250; 12572"550'
Midway Hydro2.6 MW2006Hansen, Idaho27130098"90', 90'
Mora Drop Hydro1.6 MW2006Kuna, Idaho38550120"90'
Tiber Dam Hydro17.5 MW2004Chester, Montana17570096"90'
Dry Creek Hydro 23.4 MW2000Howe, Idaho12205542"60,000'
Twin Falls Hydro1995Twin Falls, Idaho1403500168"1,000'
Fall River Hydro10 MW1993Ashton, Idaho25055096"2,700'
Marsh Valley Hydro 11.9 MW1993Soda Springs, Idaho100180; 7060"600'
Milner Dam Hydro1992Burley, IdahoN/AN/A
Friant Fish Release Hydro500 KW1992Fresno, California1203536"2,000'
Lower Ingram Ranch Hydro500 KW1990Challis, Idaho3202530"11,000'
Smith Falls Hydro38 MW1990Bonners Ferry, Idaho158537072", 69", 57"27,000'
Faulkner Hydro875 KW1989Bliss, Idaho1408051"950'
O.J. Power Hydro180 KW1988Malad, Idaho410718"6,000'
Sprague Hydro 11.2 MW1988Bly, Oregon18550; 5051"5,700'
Mink Creek Hydro3 MW1987Preston, Idaho47010050"11,000'
Amy Ranch Hydro700 KW1987Howe, Idaho9401118"20,200'
Snedigar Ranch Hydro540 KW1986Buhl, Idaho1903530"3,000'
Littlewood River Hydro1.9 MW1986Gooding, Idaho29460N/A3000
Geo Bon II Hydro1 MW1986Shoshone, Idaho31480120"300'
Schaffner Ranch Hydro1440 KW1986Salmon, Idaho1230518"11,000'
Birch Creek Hydro 12.7 MW1986Mud Lake, Idaho5177551"22000
Upper Ingram Ranch Hydro1.1 MW1985Challis, Idaho1858048"600'
Georgetown Hydro480 KW1984Georgetown, Idaho2203042", 30"8,000'